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Our Passion

About us

When our founder was 17 she saw soil pollution in her post-industrial town. This started her quest for sustainable, inexpensive soil remediation. Dr. Lauren Czaplicki became a pioneer in environmental engineering, figuring out how to coax local soil fungi to clean up legacy pollution. Now Fungal Solutions collaborates on a range of mycotechnologies, from those that remove human poop from the backcountry to those that help us resist climate change by recycling carbon back into soils.

We started with some of the the toughest pollutants and the toughest medium to clean:soils. Fungal Solutions grew out of Dr. Lauren Czaplicki’s doctoral work coaxing local fungi to break down creosote in soils. We spent years learning about mycelium and how it provides more for us than just mushrooms. Then, we started thinking about other large, seemingly intractable problems that could benefit from fungal interventions: wildfire, reforestation, mining pollution.

We started a series of short courses to empower others to save their corners of the world with fungi too. We just can’t do it alone.

Dr. Lauren Czaplicki teaches a quarterly training on mycotechnologies to equip concerned citizens and environmental professionals with skills to use local fungi to solve local problems. Fungal Solutions also offers direct remediation consulting services.

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Upcoming training Programs

21 June 2023-12 July 2023 /6:00P-7:00P

now available: Virtual 4-week cohort program on mycoremediation

Next Cohort

Sept 6-Sept 27, 2023

This is a 4-week program designed to equip ambitious individuals with skills to leverage local fungi to solve big environmental problems!

Created for

The ambitious mover and shaker who wants to develop a holistic understanding of mycoremediation centered on local fungi while building authentic relationships with a community of like-minded individuals.

This program includes a program guidebook mailed to you, pre-scheduled live virtual lecture events each Wednesday from 6-7p MT, small-group assignments to practice concepts and build authentic relationships along the way, and lifetime access to an online community of fellow movers and shakers in mycoremediation.

Register for the first session today and you’ll get the whole program.

Virtual event

101 Anywhere Ave

Everywhere, USA

18 August 2023/9:00A-12:00P

TMF Pre-Fest Workshop: soil centered mycoremediation

Come discover high-impact skills to solve industrial pollution & wildfires at this pre-fest workshop to the Telluride Mushroom Festival. In this course, Dr. Lauren Czaplicki will show you the path to local fungal solutions. You’ll think like a fungi or a fungal and intuitively uncover strategies to coax fungi to help us become more resilient. She’ll teach you how to research possible pollution sources, understand how the wood rotting fungi and beyond use their abilities to degrade tough pollutants in soils, and create a fungal approach to a pollution problem! 

You’ll also learn how fungi can prevent catastrophic wildfire and how they help forests recover after fires. You’ll leave feeling safer, armed with the knowledge of how to start saving your community. This course also includes a guidebook to reference at any time.

AhHaa Curiosity Shop

155 W. Pacific Ave

Telluride, CO

Our Collaborations

What we do

Short courses & workshops

We offer quarterly short courses on mycotechnologies tailored for participant’s concerns.

We teach participants critical skills to leverage local fungi to solve local problems.

Consultations & Collaboration

We leverage our deep scientific expertise and network of collaborators to help other environmental entrepreneurs advance mycotechnologies.

We have a host of mycotechnologies we’re co-creating with the mycelium and collaborators.

We also offer direct soil remediation services.

Seminars & Keynote Lectures

Dr. Lauren Czaplicki shares compelling narrative on mycoremediation and navigating burnout as an environmental professional to mushroom festivals, podcasts, corporate conferences, and environmentally-centered interest groups.

Featured Fungal Solutions

What we develop

WILDFIRE Prevention & Recovery

Wildfire Prevention

Local fungi rot wood naturally. We accelerate it with the Cold Fire process so that woodchips from fire mitigation activities turn into forest soil in 3-5 years without any irrigation, saving CO from runaway controlled burns, adverse impacts to air quality, and making the landscape safe for historic, low intensity fire to return.

learn more about cold fire below, based on a pilot study on private land in Pikes Peak National Forest

now in aspen, colorado

Wildfire Recovery

Local fungi help restore soil integrity post-fire. We are developing a mycotechnology to accelerate this recovery process so that we can save our forests before it’s too late.

Read about the urgency in an engaging, accessible way from the Guardian

Read the original research article below

Soil Restoration & Remediation

Superfund Sites & Organic Contaminants

Local soil fungi don’t just stop at productive agricultural soils. They’re even in creosote-oozing polluted soils and can break down all sorts of contaminants if adequately identified and supported.

We Are Live

lauren shares how Local Fungi can break down pollutants

Interviews featuring Dr. Lauren Czaplicki

Podcasts & Media

Interested in learning more? Check out the collection of media featuring us.

  • “Bierend writes with sensual verve and specificity, enthusiasm, and humor. . . . [He] introduces us to the staggering variety of mushrooms, their mystery, their funk, and the way they captivate our imaginations.”—The Boston Globe
  • Available in audiobook, kindle versions too